How much is the maximum page length of a paper?
The paper must not exceed six (6) pages, including the bibliography and appendix.

How can I pay the submission fee?
Submission of each paper regardless of the number of co-authors, requires,
1- To pay the submission fee of 50000 (Iran RIAL) and to get the payment code number
2-Upload the paper together with the payment code number
The only acceptable and authenticated option for the submission payment is through the conference payment portal (). Note that it requires local ATM cards.
Those authors do not have local ATM cards, can send an inquiry email to the conference secretary asking for an ON-DESK payment option. Note that it means you participate to the conference and pay the total submission fee either in RIAL or US $.

Is the “certificate of presentation” issued only for the speaker (someone who presents the paper)?
No. The “certificate of presentation” is issued for the whole co-authors.